Online Services

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Phone: (651) 225-7800 

We encourage all patients to enroll in the patient portal as we will use it to communicate with you.

To use the portal, please contact our office at (651) 225-7800 to obtain a secure eight (8) digit enrollment token and then click here to enroll.

Once your security token and email address have been validated, you will be able to create your new account. It is a safe, secure portal, so your privacy is completely protected.

The portal offers these additional online services

  • Fill out forms - You may find it much easier and convenient to supply us with your information online rather than completing your forms in the waiting room.
  • Communicate with our office - Securely communicate with us more easily on your time and schedule, not ours.  If it's something that can be asked and answered quickly and easily online, we will be glad to help. We also understand you may prefer or need to speak to someone in person, which is definitely still an option.
  • Request your records - Ask for and receive a secure electronic copy of your medical record.
  • Patient Research Center - Also available in Spanish.