The Pelvic Floor Center® provides diagnosis, consultation and innovative care options for urinary and urogynecology disorders:

The following tests are used to help make a diagnosis

  • Pelvic Exam and Urodynamics - An exam is performed on women with complex pelvic floor problems. Urodynamics is a series of painless bladder testing used to assess function and causes of urinary problems including incontinence, urgency and difficulty emptying.
  • Peripheral Nerve Evaluation - Determines whether Sacral Nerve Stimulation for the control of lower urinary tract dysfunction is appropriate for a given patient. Interstim Sacral Nerve StimulationTherapy may be a treatment option for you if you suffer from accidental urinary leakage and have not had success with, or not a candidate for more conservative treatment options.

Although most of these disorders are not life threatening, these health issues affect a broad range of patients and can have a devastating effect on quality of life. 

We can help.