Peripheral Nerve Evaluation (PNE)

What is Peripheral Nerve Evaluation (PNE)?

Determines whether sacral nerve stimulation for the control of accidental bowel leakage or lower urinary tract dysfunction is appropriate for a given patient. This is a procedure done under local anesthesia or numbing medication. Two temporary leads (special wires) are placed into the opening (foramen) in the sacral bone and connected to an external stimulator. The leads do not go near the spinal cord. This device sends mild electrical pulses through the wire to nerves near your tailbone which may get your bowel working the way it is supposed to. During this time period you will be asked to document your bowel activity with a daily diary. This trial will allow your surgeon to determine your next course of action in your treatment plan. If successful, surgery to implant a permanent device or sacral nerve stimulator would be the next option.

What is Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS)-Interstim?

This therapy is used for treatment of accidental bowel leakage (fecal incontinence) for patients who have failed conservative treatment. The implanted Neurostimulation device (Interstim/SNS) electrically stimulates the sacral nerves that affect bowel and bladder function. This is thought to help restore communication between the brain and intestines/bladder and can improve control of both bowel and bladder function. The sacral nerves are in the lower spinal column, just above the tail bone. Electrically stimulating these nerves may improve your symptoms, however neurostimulation does not work for everyone. A 50% or greater reduction in symptoms is considered successful treatment.

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What Is the Qualifying Criteria for Interstim Therapy?

  • Two or more accidents on average per week.

  • Failed conservative therapy for accidental bowel leakage such as:

    • Diet modification
    • Fiber supplements
    • Anti-diarrheal agents such as Imodium or Lomotil
    • Pelvic floor physical therapy with biofeedback exercises
  • To further evaluate if you meet qualifications for Interstim, you will be asked to complete the following forms:
    • A 14 day bowel and bladder diary
    • Quality of life surveys to help track your symptom improvement 

Late Policy

New patients must complete the necessary paperwork prior to their first visit using the online patient portal. If the paperwork delays your appointment start time, your appointment might be canceled at the discretion of the provider.

If a patient arrives past their scheduled time and/or do not have their paperwork completed, their appointment might be canceled at the discretion of the provider.  This is to ensure that the patients who arrive on time do not experience delayed waits to see their provider. If you arrive late, you may be asked to reschedule. If you choose to wait, we will try to minimize your wait time as best as possible, however we need to provide timely care to our other patients as well.