Late Policy

New patients must complete the necessary paperwork prior to their first visit using the online patient portal.

If you choose to complete the necessary paperwork in the office, you must arrive 20 minutes early. If the paperwork delays your appointment start time, we may need to see other patients before you.

If necessary, it is acceptable to print the Release of Information form and fill it out prior to arriving at the office

If a patient arrives late or does not have their paperwork completed at the scheduled appointment time, the appointment may be rescheduled. This is to ensure that the patients who arrive on time do not experience delayed waits to see their provider. If you arrive late, you may be given the option to wait to be seen at the end of the provider's clinic or you may be asked to reschedule. If you choose to wait, we will try to minimize your wait time as best as possible, however we need to provide timely care to our other patients as well.